Why do business with us?

We are experts in refrigeration

Fizz offers sales services for refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms, general and specialized equipment. Note that virtually all our equipment is also for rent.

It is sometimes advantageous to rent your equipment when your needs are only short to medium term or simply to allow you to have a larger volume of product with the same budget.


Fast service

Ask for a quote and a refrigeration expert will contact you in a shortly manner to discuss in detail the best product for your business.

Reliable team

Our company is defined by passionate employees dedicated to their profession. That's why we offer impeccable service.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We offer a full range of products that are on the cutting edge of techonology. You are sure to find refrigerators and freezers tailored to your needs.


Avoid problems by working with us for the installation and maintenance contracts for any refrigeration product. We build cold rooms, install freezers, cooling systems, vertical displays, natural islands and more.

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Our experienced technicians give their 100% to ensure uninterrupted control of the temperature of your food. We know our products and our parts better than anyone. We are the experts to contact for any question of maintenance or repair of refrigerated products.

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